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The end of the autism/vaccine debate

There’s a question mark at the end of their headline, but I’m hoping that question mark is gone for all reasonable parents.

“I took care of a child who died of measles encephalitis because he was not vaccinated. It was a horrible death that was needless and preventable, and those parents never forgave themselves for not vaccinating their child.”

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  1. fightingautism says

    Are you kidding me!? What about the children suffering Measles encephalopathy FROM the MMR! Hello, my child. My child has to get IVIG monthly (not once) for TWO YEARS minimum thanks to this horrorshow. I will NEVER forgive myself for VACCINATING my child. He has a life-threatening autoimmune disease due to the trainwreck of vaccine injury to his immune system.

    It is not just autism…it’s the increase in all childhood diseases such as juvenile diabetes, childhood cancer, ms, PANDAS, and other previous ‘rare’ conditions. There is a reason that Mystery Diagnosis used to rarely profile children’s cases and now every show has a children’s case of a ‘rare’ disease following vaccination.

    Wake up people-our kids are a government experiment.

  2. Suki Wessling says

    Aha, so it’s a government conspiracy! What a convenient way to explain away the complexity of modern life. Sorry, but I don’t buy it.

    When the polio vaccine was introduced, parents knew that it would cause a small number of polio cases. Yet they flocked in to get the vaccine. Why? Because even though they knew that it could be their child that would be hurt by the vaccine, they also knew that the disease had been ravaging their communities, killing and maiming, and the vaccine would stop that.

    Now, our modern polio vaccine doesn’t cause any cases of polio. Polio is largely unheard of in the US now. Yet many parents aren’t vaccinating because of scare tactics and misinformation.

    If you want to live a faith-based life, then please do. If your child comes down with acute appendicitis, go to your health food store for a cure rather than to a surgeon! But don’t tell other people that what you’re doing is “science.” It’s old-fashioned, snake oil salesman lies.

    Nothing is perfect. But I am very happy to live in a world in which smallpox was eradicated by vaccines. I will be very willing to listen to rational discussion of what the best approach is to cure a disease. That’s science. But conspiracy theories? I am sorry that your child’s health has led you down that path.

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