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This is the sort of blog entry I need to do more often. But just like other moms who neglect their cars, their jobs, and the hygiene of their floors, I neglect the outreach part of my job way too often!

I have three ways that I keep in touch with the parents and educators who help me write about what they are doing. If you would like to be part of the conversation, please join me in one of these ways:

I took my sister out for her 40th birthday and got my toenails painted. Just wanted to share!

I took my sister out for her 40th birthday and got my toenails painted. Just wanted to share!

On Facebook, I have a single page called Suki Wessling’s Parenting and Education Page. Some posts are for parents and educators in Santa Cruz who want to help out with my various local articles; others are for parents and educators nationwide who want to take part in my writing about issues concerning gifted children and homeschooling. If you are a regular Facebook user, click on the link above to “like” my page and receive these notices.

I know, some of us are “old-fashioned.” That’s why I have e-mail lists! You’ll hear from me much less often on these, but I’ll only include the really important stuff. (Or whatever seems important that day.) If you are a Santa Cruz parent or educator who wants to be notified of my articles about local family events and issues, please click here to join my Santa Cruz Parents e-mail list. Remember to put me in your addressbook — my e-mail address is I bet you’re smart enough to figure that out, and spammers aren’t!

I write about gifted children and homeschooling for various national and regional publications. I would love to get more input from those of you who are also passionate on these topics. Please click here to join my e-mail list called Suki’s Parenting and Education. I will only contact you for input on articles for regional or national publications, so you’ll hear from me less frequently.

I appreciate all the input I get from parents and educators, who are so busy with the most important jobs they’ve ever had! Thank you for helping, and I look forward to hearing from more of you.

If you are in Santa Cruz and you want to read about the articles I am collecting input for right now, please take a look at my most recent e-mail. My next blog entry should hopefully be about Race to Nowhere, which I’ll be viewing tomorrow night at the Rio (it’s free!) with many of our local concerned parents and educators.



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