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“From School to Homeschool” now available

My book, From School to Homeschool, is now available as a pre-release direct from the publisher, Great Potential Press. It will be available from retail stores and as an e-book after November 1.

From School to HomeschoolThis book stems from my experiences as a “reluctant homeschooler.” When my younger child dragged me into homeschooling, kicking and screaming (that’s me kicking and screaming, not her!), I was completely unprepared. Many of the homeschooling resources I found seemed particularly unsuited to my family, our kids, and our outlook on education and learning. I muddled through our first couple of years, wondering why school didn’t work for her, what our homeschool would look like, and how I would know what success would look like.

Through the help and support of my local homeschooling community and the online community of gifted homeschoolers, I slowly got my footing, and realized that although each child is different, there is a commonality of experiences that builds a shaky foundation for all of us to stand on. I started to write about those experiences, benefitting from advice and ideas from the many parents out there who are so sharing and supportive to others.

This book is the result of those years: not a homeschooling manual full of specific homeschooling resources, but instead a guide to understanding what homeschooling is and can be, how we can get to know our children’s needs better, how homeschooling can bend to suit the varied needs of gifted and asynchronous learners, and what success looks like for families who had formerly considered prestigious schools and high grades as markers of academic achievement.

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