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RIP, Gentle Giant

A short note for a sad event: The largest old-growth redwood in Nisene Marks State Park (otherwise known as our wonderful backyard) is gone. It fell over in  a recent storm. Following are some pictures. Hoping that if the old-growth redwoods behind our house meet a similar fate, they fall down the hill, not toward our house!

Locals: Unfortunately, given the location of the tree you can’t currently get to it from the main entrance without wading in a very swift current—you’ll have to wait until they put the seasonal bridge up this spring to get to it. You could use the Vienna Woods entrance but then would have about a 20-minute hike (at least) to get there. There is an entrance across from Safeway that should put you on the correct side of the creek, but I’m not sure whether there is a sign.

Advocate - 1

The sign still points toward a major attraction that is no longer.

Advocate - 2

There’s an enormous hole in the vista that used to be filled with a majestic tree.


Advocate - 6

Another visitor left roses.

Advocate - 3

It stretches all the way down to the creek. I couldn’t lift myself up onto it to walk down, but my husband said that the top of the tree had “exploded” when it hit ground.


Advocate - 4

A little perspective: he’s 6 feet tall!


Advocate - 5


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  1. Ron says

    Sadly another large old redwood fell in Pogonip on the Lookout Trail. I imagine many others did in places less visible since so many trees were stressed from drought.

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